Away Days

We will work with you to identify what you want from your away day.  Whether that is team building out of the office, an opportunity to engage in a community activity, or a day addressing a specific issue.  

Away days are a dynamic, effective means to build relationships and improve performance of individuals and teams.

We will work with you to identify your reasons for holding the away day and what challenges you feel are standing in the way of moving forward

A typical Away Day may look like this:

Welcome and introductions

​Setting the outline of the day, identifying the objectives

Getting to know you exercise, fun and interactive, to get delegates talking

Coffee Break (people often continue the getting to know you session during coffee)

SWOT or PESTLE Analysis

Group work, separate groups working on specific areas

Feed back from groups


Recap of morning

Exercise identifying perceptions of others 

Develop plan based on SWOT or PESTLE, and exercise

Whether you are holding a team building away day or a business development planning day it is useful to engage and external facilitator.

Away Days and Planning DaysType your paragraph here.

 Planning Days

As part of your organisational planning you may  want to get teams, staff, Trustees, volunteers, service users etc. involved in thinking about he objects and vision of your organisation and setting the priorities for the future.

By engaging a facilitator you demonstrate openness and transparency in developing strategy and business planning.

EPITOME will work with you to:

carry out a force field analysis

scenario planning

carry out Delphi, SWOT or PEST

Organise main planning day

​Write up final report

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