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Proving your worth

​Evaluation and Impact 

Answering the question 'what do you do?'  is essential for all organisations, but ever more important is to be able to answer the question 'what difference do you make?' and this is not going to go away.  You have to be able to prove the value of your work, on a multitude of levels.

If you are funded to deliver a project to help homeless people through a floating support worker how are you going to show funders that your work makes a difference?  And who does it impact?  Similarly, how would you measure the impacts of a befriending project?  Reducing isolation is one, but have you considered the other people that it may benefit, e.g. volunteers, and family members?

​This can be a daunting and complex process.  EPITOME can cut through the confusion, facilitate focus groups, develop questionnaires, hold one to one discussions, to evidence the impact that you make to the community through your work.

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