Face to Face                is it worth it?

​Activities                     from  bungee jumps to dinner dances

Corporate Support    what do businesses want to get involved in?

How to write a Great Fundraising Strategy

Who Should Attend?

         This session is suitable for, but not limited to:

         Staff and volunteers who are new to fundraising.

         People who are looking to start a career in fundraising

It couldn't be easier, you don't need account numbers or business bank cards

Just email us as tell us which course/s you would like to attend, with your name, email address, organisation and who to send the invoice to.

We will confirm your place within 48 hours

Attend one or both sessions

Essentials in Fundraising

L​ondon   21st June 2017

​                        Kobi Nazrul Centre, Hanbury Street, Aldgate E1 6QR

​                Bristol   12th July 2017

                                            80 Stokes Croft, Avon, Bristol BS1 3QY

How SMART is your approach to fundraising?

​Do you spend vast amounts of time filling in grant applications with little result?

​Come along and find out how to do less but get more

How to Register!

​​Epitome Consultancy  & Training

There are thousands of grant making trusts in the UK, across Europe and the World

This session will help you to:

Research the best opportunities for you to apply to

​Develop a theory of change 

Present a sound argument & budget

​Write an effective application

Courses are £30 each or you can attend 2 for £50ere.

 Fundraising -  Methods and Skills

Who Should Attend?

         This session is suitable for, but not limited to:

         Project managers;


         Fundraising Staff

​         Volunteers who are interested in fundraising