How many policies does your organisation have?  

Do you review them regularly?

Do they align with the purpose of your organisaiton?

​Do they reflect the current political and social trends?

Yes, there are thousands of policy templates on the internet.  There are some great frameworks.  But there are a lot of very weak policies too.

Your policies need to reflect the work of your organsiation, your staff and your service users, otherwise it will just be a document that sits there with no purpose.  

Developing effective organisational policies is quite a complex operation.  You need to consider the objectives of your organisaiton, the views of your Trustees and stakeholders, how the work of the organsiation fits into local, regional, national and global trends.

​EPITOME Consultancy & Training provides a service that analyses your needs by reviewing previous policies, reviewing current and future priorities, consultation with stakeholders and examining trends within the environment that you work.

We are able to provide policy support in a range of fields including: voluntary and community sector, Health and Social Care, Corporate Social Responsibility. 

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